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What is this report and what is its intention?

As announcements of COVID-19 started to rattle Arvada businesses and nonprofits, organizations across the community united together to create the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce (ART). With a cross-section of local partners we are supporting efforts to understand the impact of COVID-19 closures and respond quickly with programs, resources and policy shifts to support the Arvada business community. This report provides an overview of the activities led by the ART, and outcomes of the work and programs implemented over the course of one year of COVID-19 related challenges. The report also provides insight into benchmarking opportunities, as well as where the ART may go in the future. The vision for business resiliency in Arvada is to develop a sound infrastructure in the community AND a resilient DNA within Arvada businesses and nonprofits, best positioning them to endure any external forces, be it a disaster, pandemic, recession or acute event.


Congratulations, Arvada Resiliency Task Force!

The Arvada Resiliency Taskforce (ART) has been honored with an award, Community Partner of the Year. Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation (Jeffco EDC) honored the group's efforts at the Gateway Awards event. 2021 is the inaugural year for The Gateways which is the Jeffco EDC’s premiere celebration of business achievement in Jefferson County.The Arvada Resiliency Task Force was nominated through the Board process and selected due to its impact and scope for all of Jefferson County. Great job Team!!! To learn more about the Taskforce, click here.

Business Pulse - how we got our intel

The ART is committed to continued understanding of business needs and throughout 2020 we focused on the following outreach strategies:



Formed in March 2020 to listen to, respond to and support business needs based on COVID-19 impacts and state and local health orders.


As announcements of COVID-19 started to rattle Arvada, organizations across the community united together to create the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce. With a cross-section of local partners we are supporting efforts to understand the impact of COVID-19 closures and respond quickly with programs, resources and policy shifts. The taskforce is working diligently to achieve the following outcomes:

Desired Outcomes

  • Business surveying and comprehensive needs assessments
  • Curation of local, state and federal resources and information
  • Responsive programming that maintains economic vitality
  • Communication platforms to connect and inform businesses
  • Opportunities for the community to come together

Key Partners

Key Programs/highlights


Timeline: March 2020-Now


Year One: Total Funds

In Business COVID Grants
In Annual Tax Revenue Retained
In Business Mini Grants
In Business PPE
Spent on Olde Town Street Closure Area and BID Support
COVID-19 Relief Loans Via CEF | 41 Jobs Retained

Jobs Retained

Thanks to Business COVID Grants
Thanks to COVID-19 Relief Loans Via CEF

Business/Users Feb. 2020-Feb. 2021

Business COVID Grant Recipients
Safe and Open Pledges
Takeout Takeover Participants
#ArvadaStrong Members
Business Mini Grant Recipients
Coronavirus Toolkit Visits
Webinar Participants
COVID-19 Relief Loans Via CEF
Temporary Use Permits for tents/patio expansions
Patio Expansions in Olde Town Street Closure Area
Olde Town Special Events
Liquor License Premise Expansions

Business PPE Distribution

The Arvada Resiliency Taskforce distributed the following to 274 recipients:


Earned Media



Arvada Unemployment Rate

Licensed Arvada Brick and Mortar Businesses

April 2020
February 2021
April 2020
February 2021
3.5% Increase

Invest in Arvada Campaign


Olde Town Special Events

Thursday Night Bites in August and September
Offered a Eggnog and Cider Passport at the Holidays
Holiday Pop-Up Market was held consecutive weekends during December
Lagniappe Giftcard Give Away
Winter Art Pop-up Market
Olde Town Elf Scavenger Hunt
Presented the first ever Skating Rink in Olde Town Square


The Future Of The Arvada Resiliency Task Force

As the Arvada Resiliency Task Force continues to respond to concerns in 2021 the focus will be on the evolving needs of business and what it will take to achieve full economic recovery. These tactics will include a continued focus on education, evolution and innovation that will support businesses with the resources they need to thrive. This will require a strong connection and pulse on the health of local businesses with regular feedback loops driving new and expanded programs and resources. Additionally, the power of convening local partners, public health officials and government will be more critical than ever before. 2020 offered partners across Arvada a chance to better understand the opportunity that exists through effective collaboration and this will continue long past the pandemic as the ART evaluates additional opportunities for business resilience.

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