2018 Strategic Plan

New Business Development (Business Attraction)

Provide project facilitation services to new businesses so they can locate in Arvada, create jobs, make capital investments and generate additional revenues for the City.

  • $58 million [1] in new commercial private sector capital investments.
  • 150 new jobs [2] created in urban centers and corridors.
  • 150 new non-retail jobs [2] created in the following targeted industries: medical, manufacturing, research and development, bio-science, energy, enabling technologies, professional services.
  • $250,000 in sales tax revenues generated by new retail businesses.
  • 75 new commercial business prospects.
  • 45 new business and/or development project facilitations.
  • Develop a strategy for industrial land.

Business Growth and Stability (Business Retention)

Provide business resources, financial assistance and ombudsman services to existing businesses so they can grow and expand to create jobs and make capital investments.

  • 97% of the number of businesses with 50 or more employees will be retained annually.
  • 90% of the number of non-home based businesses under 50 employees will be retained annually.
  • Compare commercial vacancy rates [3] in Arvada  vs. the Denver metro area vacancy rates to analyze market competitiveness and develop real estate strategies.
  • Conduct 75 retention visits.


Provide tools, education and resource awareness services to new businesses, existing businesses and strategic partners so they can access economic development services.

  • 23% open rate of the AEDA e-newsletter and the Real Estate e-newsletter.
  • 500 additional social media followers on AEDA-exclusive social media outlets.
  • 80 Arvada clients access Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) and/or the Small Business Develpment Center (SBDC).

Strategic Alliance (Partnerships)

Provide leadership, financial and consultation services to strategic partners so they can leverage shared resources to advance Arvada’s economic development goals.

  • 30 new Arvada prospects generated by strategic partners.
  • 100% strategic partnerships (representations [4] ) which require active AEDA participation.
[1] Combined grand total of all capital investments for Business Growth and Stability and New Business Development programs. (Includes investments for buildings, furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc. as reported by building and finance divisions.)
[2] Combined total of all new jobs for Business Growth and Stability and New Business Development programs. (Note: Businesses may appear and be counted in both categories for result measurements.)
[3] Defined as office, industrial, and retail.
[4] Defined as receiving funding, staff time, referrals or organization awareness through AEDA.