Geo Data Services (GDS) division manages the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for the City. GDS created the Arvada Interactive Map to support a variety of projects for departments within the City.

Arvada Interactive Map

The Arvada interactive map features the Business Improvement District, Urban Renewal District, Inside City Parcels, Comprehensive Land Use, City Council, Floodplain, and Zoning. Simply navigate the map by using the box on the top left corner. It is also possible to print or share the map.

Current Development Projects

This map shows where current Engineering, Streets and Traffic, and Utility infrastructure projects are occuring throughout the city. It is updated every quarter.

Developments Under Review

Use this interactive map for an updated list of developments under review by the Community and Economic Development Department.  Certain types of development projects, such as minor modifications, vacating street or sidewalk right-of-way, and some site plan reviews are not included.

OpenData Catalog

The City of Arvada’s OpenData Initiative provides access to data, maps, and third-party applications through a searchable data catalog. You can access data in Text/CSV, KML/KMZ, Feeds, XLS, or ESRI Shapefile formats.