Economic Development Survey

The City of Arvada has launched its 2022 Arvada Residential Economic Development Survey, allowing residents to tell us how well we are meeting their needs in terms of the City’s growth and development. It is a priority to learn about what residents see and support.

To not overburden residents with survey requests, a limited number of residents were selected for this survey purely at random. The survey will close on September 30. If you receive a request to participate, please do so before then; your thoughts are important to the accuracy of the project. Results will be announced in the winter of 2023.

Residential Survey

Every other year, the City of Arvada conducts the Arvada Community Survey, allowing residents to give feedback on how well City staff is meeting their needs in terms of community amenities, local government and overall quality of life. To learn more, visit Arvada Community Survey.

Based on 2019 results we learned that we need to better understand what residents are looking for in terms of future planning, especially with regard to economic development. That is why we created a specific survey about these topics. As we plan for our city’s future, it is important to know what Arvada residents are hoping to see. We want to make sure residents' thoughts and opinions are included in the planning process.

Five-thousand Arvada residents were selected at random to participate in the 2020 survey, 1,250 from each of the City’s four Districts. If you were randomly selected for this survey, thank you! We appreciate your participation which ensures the results accurately represent Arvada’s population.

The 2020 survey is complete, and available, click below to review the results.

We plan to follow-up every other year and survey residents on these issues as well as new ones that may arise. It is important that we continue to reach out to our residents so their voice is included in our City’s future.

Business Survey

In September 2021, we surveyed over 400 Arvada businesses in economic development issues. The completed economic development business results is available to review below.