Business Health Assessment

AEDA and Manufacturer’s Edge have partnered together to provide Arvada businesses with a free Business Health Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to give an understanding of the organization’s health in seven key areas: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customers, Knowledge Management, Workforce Engagement, Operations, and Results. The assessment intends to help the organization identify where there are opportunities to improve, which may be sub-optimizing the current results and performance.

Although AEDA's partnership for the Business Health Assessment is with Manufacturer's Edge, Arvada businesses in all industries, not solely manufacturing, are welcome to request an assessment. Additionally, Manufacturer's Edge offers a whole catalog of services, some at zero cost, to small-to-medium-sized businesses, which can be viewed via their MASS (Manufacturers AdvantagEDGE Scale-up Solutions) Catalog. Access their catalog of services below:

Manufacturer's Edge MASS Catalog

If you are interested in learning more about the assessment please fill out the questionnaire below and a member of the AEDA team will contact you: