2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic Objective: Sustain and grow an environment to attract and retain private sector investment, a talented workforce and an engaged business community, which supports the community’s vision.

Economic Impact (Business Attraction, Business Retention and Board Programs)

Provide project facilitation services to new businesses so they can locate in Arvada, create jobs, make capital investments and generate additional revenues for the City.

  • Annually Facilitate Development of 150,000 Square Feet of New Commercial Real Estate
  • By end of 2020, develop performance measures by commercial type (retail, office, industrial)
  • Annually Facilitate 75 Development Projects
  • Annually retain 99% of net existing bricks and mortar businesses
  • By end of 2020, establish an aligned Retention Committee Work Plan to support AEDA Strategic Plan
  • Annually complete 90% of the Retention Committee’s annual Work Plan

Customer and Community Impact (Communications and Marketing)

  • By end of 2020, establish a community engagement program to help shape the community's economic development vision
  • By end of 2020, create economic development survey method for business and community
  • Annually receive 500 Economic Development survey responses

Organizational Impact (Internal Effectiveness and Strategic Partners)

  • By the end of 2020, AEDA with be re-accredited by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) as an Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO).
  • By end of 2020, champion the development of a Smart City Plan for the City of Arvada
  • By end of 2020, develop performance measures for key AEDA strategic partners
  • Annually facilitate relationships with 100% of identified strategic partners


  • Revenue
  • Market
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Business Activity
  • Staff Activity
  • Marketing