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50 Ways the Polis Administration is Saving Coloradans Money

The COVID pandemic has made everything more expensive, from housing to energy to groceries.  That’s why Governor Polis in partnership with the state legislature is doing everything in their power to save Coloradans money.  Since taking office, Governor Polis has put thousands of dollars back into the pockets of hardworking Colorado families and businesses to help them meet pandemic induced rising costs and to recover stronger:

  1. Reductions to property tax assessment rates will reduce property taxes for homeowners, farmers and ranchers and properties used for renewable energy production

  2. Restaurants, bars and mobile food vendors were allowed to keep seven months of state sales tax collections during the pandemic

  3. Caterers, food service contractors, and hotel bars/restaurants were allowed to keep three months of state sales tax collections during the pandemic

  4. We reduced health care premiums in the individual market by 24% through a new bipartisan state reinsurance program

  5. We exempted small businesses from the business personal property tax

  6. We capped the growth in homeowner’s property tax bills, allowing homeowners to defer paying increases over the cap

  7. We allowed businesses to claim expanded business loss deductions

  8. All children can now attend full day kindergarten for free so families no longer need to pay for a full day, saving parents hundreds of dollars each month

  9. All four-year-olds will be able to attend  preschool for free, saving families from the high cost of preschool

  10. Small and mid-size stores are now allowed to keep a higher percentage of their sales tax collections through a larger vendor fee and we’re proposing to increase it even more for small retailers

  11. We authorized county treasurers to waive delinquent property tax penalties during the pandemic

  12. We funded the Colorado Child Tax Credit for the first time, supplementing the federal credit and boosting the income of Colorado families

  13. We doubled the state Earned Income Tax Credit, supplementing wages for workers

  14. We exempted social security earnings from the state income tax

  15. Reductions to the Colorado income tax rate approved by voters saves money for all families and businesses and the rate will be reduced again this year. The tax cut is fully paid for the tax cuts by eliminating loopholes and deductions ensuring funding for education and health service are not cut

  16. We cut the cost of a state parks pass by more than half through the Keep Colorado Wild Pass starting in 2023

  17. We’ve added more days for people to use state parks for free

  18. We capped co-pays for insulin

  19. The Governor signed legislation creating the Prescription Drug Affordability Board, which is tasked with lowering prescription drug costs for Colorado consumers.

  20. We provided one-time stimulus payments to Coloradans on unemployment experiencing economic hardships caused by the pandemic

  21. We reduced vehicle registration fees and have proposed to reduce them further

  22. We are expanding the availability of free tax preparation services for low income families to help them claim tax refunds

  23. We saved conversion costs for businesses that convert to employee-ownership

  24. We’ve proposed reducing FAMLI premiums

  25. We’ve proposed reducing unemployment insurance premiums, which we expect will flow through to employees in the form of more hires and wage increases

  26. We’ve proposed reducing professional licensing costs for healthcare workers

  27. We Increased the monthly amount for supplemental nutrition assistance 

  28. We reduced the cost of applying to public colleges and universities 

  29. We protected the property tax exemption for seniors and disabled veterans

  30. We’ve proposed making it free to start a new business 

  31. Coloradans will get a TABOR refund this year and likely in future years

  32. We waived state liquor licensing fees 

  33. We eliminated out-of-network surprise billing in health care

  34. We created a by-Colorado, for-Colorado insurance option that will save people money on both the small group and individual markets

  35. We propose preventing an increase in drivers license fees 

  36. We’ve provided free application days and reduced cost textbooks for students at public universities in Colorado

  37. We are quadrupling the College Opportunity Scholarship Initiative to make college more affordable for more students

  38. We reduced tuition payments for child care through the child care assistance program

  39. We created a low-cost retirement savings opportunity to help Coloradans save for retirement

  40. We’re providing direct lending to Colorado Businesses to help them recover and expand

  41. We closed corporate tax loopholes so that large out-of-state corporations pay more and passed the savings on to main-street businesses

  42. We allowed businesses to benefit from state and local tax deductions (SALT) despite the changes in federal law

  43. We covered fees for more Coloradans to earn a high school equivalency or GED

  44. We provided free education and training opportunities for Coloradans to upskill, reskill and next skill to get a good job in our most in-demand industries, such as healthcare, IT, education, construction and manufacturing 

  45. We provided free masks to students and teachers

  46. We provided no-cost energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in homes, reducing homeowners’ monthly energy bills

  47. We’ve saved taxpayers by improving the energy efficiency of our schools, colleges and universities, and local government buildings 

  48. We’ve helped farmers cut their energy costs through renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements

  49. We’ve reduced the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle

  50. We’ve helped commercial buildings reduce their energy costs through the Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program 

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