AEDA Received Arvada Chamber 2021 “Behind the Scenes” Award - Arvada Economic Development Association

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AEDA Received Arvada Chamber 2021 “Behind the Scenes” Award

On February 18, the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) received the Arvada Chamber Behind the Scenes Award at the Annual Awards Dinner. This award is given to an organization or individual who has served as an unsung hero in the Arvada community. It was shared that AEDA has exhibited leadership and collaboration through its willingness to support the work of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and all local organizations who serve businesses. The staff and board members of AEDA offered time, funds, and talent to ensure that resources are allocated throughout Arvada in ways that have the optimal impact on the business community. Through this investment they have supported the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, critical shifts to our local workforce system, and the advancement of business education programs. There are countless examples of how AEDA has shown their commitment to its partners and Arvada businesses. This partnership is what makes Arvada the best place to do business!

Daniel Ryley, Executive Director of AEDA expressed the following,” on behalf of the AEDA Board of Directors and team, we are honored to receive this recognition from the Chamber.  For us, the Behind the Scenes Award embodies some of Arvada’s greatest strengths – collaboration and partnership.  We are so fortunate to serve in this environment, where working together and supporting each other benefits the entire business community.” 


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