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Arvada Chamber of Commerce Announces Winners of 2019 Business and Non-Profit of the Year

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2019 Business of the Year and Non-Profit of the Year winners. Recipients of these awards will be honored at the Arvada Chamber of Commerce 95th Annual Dinner at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities on January 24.

The Business of the Year award recognizes a business that has established a reputation of providing a superior level of customer service while using ingenuity and innovation to overcome challenges. Not only does this business excel internally, but it continues to support the community by participating in local activities and partnering with non-profit organizations. The 2019 Business of the Year is Jack’s Bar and Grill and Steamers Coffeehouse.

Jack’s Bar and Grill & Steamers Coffeehouse has been an Arvada favorite for over a decade, driven by a mission of hiring and training special needs individuals. Located in the Village at Five Parks, the restaurant has expanded numerous times, including adding a 1,300-square-foot commercial prep kitchen across the street. This growth and introduction of new training programs has allowed the business to employ over 90 individuals with developmental disabilities at one time.

The Non-Profit of the Year is recognized for their support of Arvada and its citizens through impactful programs, services and overall involvement within the community. Nominees will also be evaluated on local partnerships and collaboration. Recipients of non-profit of the year receive a $500 award. The 2019 Non-Profit of the Year is Colorado Homeless Families.

For over 30 years, Colorado Homeless Families, now BeyondHome, has helped working families who are experiencing homelessness or who are on the verge of becoming homeless by helping them achieve self-sufficiency for life. Through partnerships with the Arvada Housing Authority, The Daniels Fund, HomeAid CO, churches, and multiple local organizations and individuals, our families receive the support they need while living in a safe home surrounded by a community of others. In January 2020, Colorado Homeless Families became BeyondHome because of its focus on future success; housing is just the beginning for families.

These recipients will be honored with a video of their accomplishments at the Annual Dinner. Videos and more information about the wonderful work done by the recipients will be released after the event. For more information on the Annual Dinner, please call 303-424-0313 or visit

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