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City of Arvada extends facilities closure through May 30

As part of its continued response to the COVID-19 health crisis, the City of Arvada has extended the closure of City facilities to the public through May 30, 2020. The extension provides additional time for the City team to evaluate facilities and services to help ensure that physical distancing and other safety measures are in place to serve residents in-person and support onsite members of the City team.

While City facilities have remained closed to the public, nearly all City services remain available to the community in a remote or physically-distant capacity.  The City team is actively learning from this experience, employing a phased approach to resuming in-person services while formalizing new, remote and flexible ways of providing service that have been developed or enhanced during the pandemic.

Although the extension applies to all facilities, the City team is working to open facilities as they become ready for in-person services. For example, the City is focusing on opening Courts in advance of May 30 in order to safely address a growing backlog of cases that require attention and must be performed in person. Some outdoor facilities, such as playground equipment, playing courts and skateparks will remain closed for now, but may be opened early as conditions allow. Similarly, Police Department community stations may open more quickly as they are already equipped with safety barriers that allow for the safe delivery of in-person services.

In addition to the closure of City facilities extension, on April 30, Arvada City Council voted to extend the City’s State of Emergency Declaration to May 30, 2020. Extending the declaration gives the City the flexibility it needs to continue to acquire and apply resources to support residents and partners as the City responds to COVID-19.

From the start, planning for recovery has been an important aspect of the City’s response to COVID-19. A recovery team was established early on, and now the City is beginning the process including the phased re-engagement of in-person services described above. More information about the City’s approach to recovery is available at

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