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Goodwill Donates Hundreds of Scrubs to Nurses in Arvada

The donation helps nurses change frequently during the day and protect them as they treat patients with COVID-19.

As the spread of coronavirus continues, first responders and medical workers remain on the front lines worrying about medical supplies running low. In response, many organizations are sending donations and helping in any way they can. Recently, Goodwill dug deep in its donation piles and gathered hundreds of pounds of scrubs, donating them to the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association (CVNA). The delivery arrived at the CVNA Arvada office this past Tuesday and it contained 450 pounds of medical scrubs, cleaned, wrapped, and ready to use.

The dropoff, courtesy of Goodwill of Colorado, came right on time. Recently, the CVNA’s medical supplies were running low and nurses had no choice but to take care of their patients with limited gear and resources. In an interview with CBS Local, communications manager for Goodwill of Colorado Bradd Hafer stated the organization “scouted all 40-plus of our stores across Colorado and were able to scrounge up all of the scrubs we had in store here.” As they remain proactive in helping the community, Goodwill is also struggling like many other businesses. Their revenue, which comes from donated items, is low. However, Hafer remains optimistic. “We are weathering the storm, but more than that we are trying to look for ways to proactively continue our mission to assist others in need,” said Hafer.

Thanks to the substantial donation, CVNA nurses can now change to multiple pairs of scrubs throughout the day, allowing them to change after seeing each patient if necessary. The organization still requires other donations of medical gear, such as gowns, masks for patients, and food for patients who can’t go to the stores.

Goodwill is currently closed to the public due to the Colorado stay-at-home order but it is still accepting donations at many drop-off locations from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. To know more of Goodwill’s locations and drop-offs, visit the organization’s website.

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