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In Recent Inspections State Finds Majority of Businesses Doing Their Part in Following COVID-19 Protocols

The vast majority of businesses in a recent field survey conducted by the Department of Revenue (CDOR) showed that they are following COVID-19 protocols. Over the week of Thanksgiving, CDOR completed 204 inspection checks. Of those, only two businesses received a summary suspension because of dangerous conditions.

“Most Colorado businesses are doing their part by following COVID-19 state and local protocols, because they know that we can and will get through this together and understand the importance of inspiring consumer confidence in safety,” said Governor Polis. “When a business cuts corners on safety and freeloads on others, it hinders our entire state’s ability to suppress this deadly virus and undermines our shared goal of bouncing back stronger than before. Thankfully, this evidence shows how the vast majority of Colorado businesses are successfully implementing protocols to help keep Coronavirus at bay.”

The state legislature is currently discussing  sending critical legislation to the Governor’s desk that will help Colorado families, small businesses, provide tax relief and waiver of fees for Colorado’s restaurants and bars during the challenging winter months ahead. Governor Polis continues to urge Washington to pass a real relief package to further stimulate the economy.

Colorado state agencies continually communicate with state-regulated entities to promote and ensure compliance with all public health orders. In addition to proactive communication and regular updates to the state’s COVID website, state agencies contact regulated entities if a potential violation has been reported.

While enforcement generally starts at the local level, the state has been involved in enforcement through cease and desist orders and the temporary suspension of certain licenses.

The Department of Regulatory Agencies directly contacts licensees if there is a complaint of potential violation of an Executive Order or Public Health Order, further informing the licensee that action may be taken to protect the public and the Department will enforce to its fullest authority if there is a lack of compliance.

The Liquor Enforcement Division  will continue to perform routine compliance checks at liquor licensed establishments. The LED at DOR conducts checks to ensure licensees are in compliance with state and local public health orders. While the division prioritizes education and outreach, businesses could face a summary suspension for failure to comply with current regulations.

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