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Olde Town Arvada and City Extend Street Closures through March 31, 2021

The Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District (BID) announced that to support local businesses in the COVID-19 recovery effort, the BID and the City of Arvada have extended street closures in Olde Town Arvada through March 31, 2021.

“The Olde Town Arvada BID and the City of Arvada know it is critical to continue to do everything possible to support small businesses during this time,” Joe Hengstler, Executive Director of the Olde Town Arvada BID said. “We want to give the public every opportunity to social distance and be safe while continuing to frequent their favorite Olde Town businesses.”

Street closures in Olde Town Arvada went into effect June 12, 2020. Establishments within the street closures are now serving additional patrons with expanded patio seating and retail outlets are using additional space in front of their stores for art demonstrations, sidewalk sales and more.  An open container executive order has also been extended until March 31, 2021, so visitors to Olde Town Arvada can walk the streets and enjoy social distancing while sipping libations.

To help local businesses throughout Arvada keep customers warm and social distancing, the City of Arvada is making the permitting process for tents and heaters as easy as possible. In addition, the City and the Olde Town Arvada BID are looking for ways to help businesses attain the necessary resources to keep their space safe and warm in cold weather months.

“So far, we’ve had some success in reopening businesses and keeping our local economy going,” said Arvada Mayor Marc Williams. “Extending the Olde Town street closure helps us sustain this progress by ensuring that people are able to enjoy Olde Town and maintain social distancing while we remain focused on slowing the spread of COVID-19.”

The current Olde Town Arvada closure plan includes Grandview Avenue from Webster Street to Olde Wadsworth Boulevard and sections of Olde Wadsworth Boulevard between Grandview Avenue and Grant Place, maintaining essential access for businesses along the street. The block between 57th Ave and Grant Place will open up by November 3, 2020, due to road construction changes on Ralston Road. A map of the closure area is available online.

As COVID-19 began affecting communities across America, organizations throughout Arvada united to create the Arvada Resiliency Task Force. The taskforce has supported efforts to understand the impact of COVID-19 closures and responded quickly with programs, resources and policy shifts including business surveying and comprehensive needs assessments, curation of local, state and federal resources and information, responsive programming to help maintain economic vitality and communication platforms to connect and inform businesses. Temporarily closing streets in Olde Town to help businesses reopen safely is one step in the recovery effort.

A cross-section of local partners make up the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce, including the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, Arvada Economic Development Association, Arvada Visitor’s Center, City of Arvada, Olde Town Business Improvement District, Apex Parks and Recreation, Red Rocks Community College, Community First Foundation, Thrive Workplace and The Arvada Center.

For more information, visit https://oldetownarvada.org,

http://arvadachamber.org or https://visitarvada.org.

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