AEDA Loan Program Application


The AEDA Loan Program (ALP) is designed to provide short-term gap financing to small businesses locating to or businesses expanding to Arvada. It is intended to provide financing to businesses not able to obtain complete financing through conventional funding sources; and therefore, need access to “gap” financing. For this purpose, “gap” financing means the gap between the total amount needed for the project and what the borrower is able to assemble through traditional sources of financing.


The objective of the ALP is to assist Arvada businesses or businesses locating to Arvada, in creating jobs, increasing sales and property taxes, encouraging private renewal efforts and investment within the community. Loans are available for business related purposes and can be used for, by illustration but not by limitation, tenant finish and space requirements, inventory purchase, equipment purchase, operations (excluding items listed below) and/or to purchase a business.

AEDA Loan Program funds may not be used for the following business related expenses:

  • Owner's remuneration
  • Payment for penalties assessed for criminal violations
  • Payment of adverse civil judgments stemming from operation of the business
  • Loans shall not be used to pay fees, assessments, liens or penalties due to the failure of the business to collect or remit applicable taxes when due
  • Residential projects

Terms of Loan

The ALP provides a low interest, amortized loan, repayable to Arvada Economic Development Association.

  • Interest Rate: 0.5% above Prime Rate (as determined by AEDA) with a 5% floor Loan Period: Tenant Finish: maximum 3 years
  • Loan Period: Other approved loan uses: maximum 5 years Loan Amounts: Tenant Finish loan: maximum $25,000; minimum $5,000
  • Loan Amounts: All other approved loan uses: maximum $100,000

Application Process

Businesses interested in applying for the Arvada Loan Program must first submit an application using the form below. Once received, an AEDA loan review committee will review the application. Based on the nature of the project of proposal, the loan committee may recommend a different financial tool, or invite the applicant to complete a full ALP loan application. Since AEDA recognizes that each loan may be different in nature or application, documents for the specific request is determined by AEDA based on the nature of the project and loan request.

Applications will become the property of AEDA. While AEDA will take reasonable steps to protect proprietary or confidential information in an application, it makes no guarantees or assurance that all information made as a part of the application process will remain confidential. Names of participants and any documents may be subject to disclosure pursuant to certain state laws.

For questions, please contact the AEDA office at 720.898.7010.


  • Applicants need to have been in business for a minimum of two years
  • Businesses must first pursue traditional funding sources and provide such documentation
  • Businesses must be located in or moving within Arvada city limits
  • Applicants must complete a loan application and provide required information, including financial details
  • Applicants will be asked to provide security/collateral

Once the application is submitted, there will be follow-up. Below is a sample of information that may be required:

  • Written history of the applicant and nature of the business
  • Terms and conditions of all current and proposed debt
  • Credit Report
  • Three years of financial statements
  • Two year cash flow projection
  • Personal financial statements of all guarantors
  • Description of security
  • Two years of federal income tax filings for the company and guarantor
  • A business plan, which includes information on the use of the funds
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  • Limited liability filings, partnership agreements, or other business entity documents

Ready to apply? Please submit the following information:

Application Review Process

Any person or business applying for an ALP must supply all requested and supporting documents. Once received, the documents will be reviewed by the AEDA Loan Committee. The AEDA Loan Committee, consisting of AEDA Board members, will make its recommendation to the AEDA Board of Directors. The AEDA Board of Directors will review each recommendation and approve or deny the request.

Arvada Loan Program Disbursement

Approved loans will require formal loan agreements and execution and delivery of any related documents such as guarantees, security agreements, or pledges of collateral. Approved loans will generally have conditions of the loan and be disbursed on a case by case basis. The disbursement and repayment schedule will be created as part of the loan approval process.