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Arvada Resiliency Taskforce creates infrastructure to support businesses

As COVID-19 began to affect Arvada businesses and nonprofits, organizations across the community united to create the Arvada Resiliency Task force (ART). Members include the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, the City of Arvada, the Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA), the Arvada Visitors Center and the Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District (to name a few). With a cross-section of strategic partners, the goal was to understand the impact of the pandemic on the business community, support closures, and respond quickly with programs, resources and policy shifts to support Arvada businesses. Examples of these activities included: 

  • Olde Town Arvada street closures to help local businesses expand operations. 
  • Business grants provided by the City of Arvada. 
  • Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment to businesses. 
  • The launch of multiple PR and Marketing campaigns including “Safe and Open.”  

The power of local partnerships in our community has never been more clear,” said Arvada Mayor Marc Williams. “Through the efforts of the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce and the hard work of business owners and workers, we have seen our local economy remain relatively steady during an unprecedented crisis and move quickly toward recovery.” 

In reflecting on the group’s efforts to respond to the pandemic, the Taskforce has created a report to provide an overview of its activities, and outcomes of the work and programs implemented over the course of one year. The report also provides insight into benchmarking opportunities. To view the full report, visit

On June 21, 2021, ART pivoted from the pandemic to the tragedy that took place in Olde Town Arvada. Within 24 hours, the Taskforce recruited key partners, including the Jefferson County Mental Health and Community First Foundation, and met to talk through what businesses needed and how best to serve.

“Although ART was set-up to support businesses throughout the COVID-19 business closures, we quickly realized the partnership had inherent value beyond the pandemic, even indefinitely,” said AEDA Executive Director Daniel Ryley. “The taskforce proved to be a significant asset for the community, as businesses grappled with the recent tragedy in Olde Town.”

The strategic partners convened using the ART’s existing framework to quickly identify and respond to information needs including consolidating relevant, timely resources for businesses and visitors, and developing programs to respond to emerging opportunities and information gaps.

A focus of the partnership’s public relations efforts has been to establish that the area is safe and welcoming to everyone. Several examples of activities in the aftermath of the shooting include: 

  • Organizing walks in Olde Town Arvada to reaffirm support for area businesses and to learn about ways ART could assist. 
  • Magnifying #ArvadaStrong in public relations efforts. 
  • Working with Jefferson County Mental Health and promoting opportunities for people to receive services. 

The vision for business resiliency in Arvada, including ART, is to develop a sound infrastructure in the community and a resilient DNA within Arvada businesses and nonprofits so they are best positioned to endure any external forces. Moving forward the Taskforce will continue to evolve, support and take action on behalf of the Arvada business community. 

To learn more about the Taskforce’s efforts, visit

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